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About Us​


Welcome to Paper Journals, and a world of personalised stationery.

Welcome to Paper Journals, your online destination for those who cherish journaling in style! We’re a passionate team of printing and IT experts who’ve united our talents to establish a haven of personalised notebooks and journals. Our goal is simple: to empower individuals to leave their mark on the pages of their own unique story.

A World of Personalised Stationery

At the heart of Paper Journals lies a world of personalised stationery, waiting for you to explore. We don’t just offer personalised journals and notebooks; we open the door to a treasure trove of possibilities. In our collection, you’ll discover calendars, photo frames, diaries, and more, all of which can be uniquely tailored to suit your individual preferences. Our notebook and journal range boasts nearly 300 exquisite designs, ensuring we cater to a wide spectrum of tastes. From captivating watercolours to mesmerizing abstract patterns, elegant plain designs, and enchanting floral motifs, there’s something here to inspire everyone.

Unparalleled Customisation

What truly sets Paper Journals apart is our unwavering commitment to putting personalisation in your hands. With us, you aren’t just buying stationery; you’re co-creating a piece of your own narrative. You can add your own text, upload cherished photos, and with our intuitive 3D preview tool, you can witness your creation come to life before placing your order. Every item we craft is a manifestation of your story, a reflection of your style and preferences.

Quality Meets Aesthetics

Our notebooks and journals exemplify the marriage of quality and aesthetics. Sised perfectly at A5, they boast 192 pages with your choice of plain, lined, or dotted paper. These hardcover, or case-bound, items are further enhanced with matte lamination, ensuring not only visual appeal but durability. Your notes, sketches, or thoughts are entrusted to pages that will preserve them for years to come.

For Businesses and Corporates

Paper Journals isn’t limited to personal use; we extend the canvas of creativity to businesses and corporates. We offer a private login for customisation, allowing companies to design unique notebooks that inspire creativity and individuality among employees and clients.

Capture Special Moments

Our A3 and A4 calendars, along with family planner calendars, offer a unique opportunity to turn every month into a journey through your cherished moments. Our personalised photo frames provide a warm embrace for encapsulating the essence of your precious memories.

The Essence of Memories

Lastly, our personalised diaries, like our notebooks and journals, are built to endure. With hardcovers and matte lamination, they safeguard your daily musings and reflections. However, what sets them apart is what lies within.

Our diaries are thoughtfully pre-printed on the inside. The 2024 diaries, for example, come with meticulously designed spreads that cater to your needs throughout the year. You’ll find weekly, monthly, and yearly overviews to help you stay organised and focused.

Each month, you’ll have a dedicated page to set your goals, jot down your to-dos, curate your wish list, and mark important dates. It’s a personalised space for you to capture your aspirations and the milestones you’ll achieve.

These diaries are not just a record of your days; they’re a companion on your journey, a space where you can encapsulate your thoughts, dreams, and accomplishments.

Our Vision

Paper Journals was founded with a vision to transform stationery from a mere tool into a canvas for personal expression. We believe that everyone should have access to beautifully crafted, personalised stationery that tells their unique story. This philosophy continues to guide us, and we remain dedicated to delivering the best in design and quality.

In conclusion

Paper Journals transcends the traditional stationery shop; it’s a platform where creativity, personalisation and quality unite. Our extensive product range, unmatched customisation options, and commitment to preserving memories make us the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to infuse a personal touch into their everyday essentials. Whether you’re an individual passionate about creativity or a business looking to make a unique statement, we’re here to turn your stationery dreams into reality.

Thank you for choosing Paper Journals – let’s embark on this creative journey together!